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Woman Shares Copycat Recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken's 'Secret' Seasoning

You might have noticed things have changed if you grew up going to Kentucky Fried Chicken. We no longer call it by its full name. Most people call it KFC. Plus, new menu items have been introduced while old ones are no longer available. It’s par for the course. But one thing that many KFC fans know is that the Colonel’s seasoning recipe is perfect. Everyone is familiar with the seasoning of KFC chicken. No other food chain chicken tastes like KFC’s. However, if you’ve ever wondered what the KFC seasoning includes, you’re in luck.

In a TikTok video, content creator @allrecipes shares the copycat recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken. Get ready to have this secret in your cooking arsenal. It's time to stock up on seasoning products.

Wow! We never knew our desire to make homemade KFC-style chicken was only a video away. We love the copycat recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken Secret Seasoning. You’ll want to use it for your next batch of fried chicken. Let’s see how the TikTok viewers responded to this clip. User @Mustaphu said, “That’s more than 11, though.” @farrellbn wrote, “When the way things were cooked were changed. Everything is not as good as it once was.” @Pa4Trump remarked, “What da... so basically blend everything on the seasoning cabinet.” @Peter Griffin exclaimed, “Oh, hell yeah! Homemade KFC!” @Palemon Arellano joked, “Popeyes is where it’s at. Give me the recipe for that!”

Reviews for the Kentucky Fried Chicken Secret Seasoning were mixed. But it’s okay. We understand that people's opinions about KFC will differ. If you liked the video and want more recipes visit @allrecipes’ TikTok channel. You’ll find a selection of recipes perfect for your next meal.