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Man's 4-Ingredient Copycat 'Starbucks' Frappuccino Looks Like the Real Deal

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Who is ready for a Starbucks run? Okay, put your hands down. We’d love to get a decadent treat from there whenever we want. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible. There could be many reasons why a Starbucks visit won’t happen right now. You’re working. Transportation is an issue. Or you don’t have Starbucks funds. Hey, we understand. So, to resolve your coffee craving, how about you take matters into your own hands.

In a TikTok video by food content creator @andyseastcoastkitchen, he shares his copycat Starbucks Frappuccino recipe. This recipe is for you if you’re a fan of those frozen delights. Plus, you can blend them as often as you’d like. Skip the drive-thru and make one of these!

Well, that looks amazing. It’s so slushy, sweet, and soothing. Whether you’re working from home or enjoying a day off, this copycat Frappuccino will brighten your day. But are the TikTok viewers ready to ditch the drive-thru for their kitchen? Let’s see. User @EcoPlays wrote, “It looks dope.” @Carla Candy said, “So it’s just like Starbucks itself. 80% ice. 15% sugar. 5% coffee. Great job. LOL.” @NBsportcards revealed, “I’m just mad that it’s so good.” @filipshrimp joked, “I only have mean coffee.” @Bella replied, “I made it for my sisters. They loved it. They said it tasted like an Ice Capp.”

Hmm, a beverage called an Ice Capp sounds delicious. If that’s what this copycat Starbucks Frappuccino tastes like, we’re on board. If you enjoyed @andyseastcoastkitchen’s video, please check out his TikTok channel. He was on Masterchef Canada, so you know his food content will leave you hungry.