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Easy Copycat Recipe for 'Starbucks Lemon Loaf' Is As Sweet As It Gets

Have you ever tried a slice of Starbucks lemon loaf? It’s a perfect pick me up that feels like you're eating sunshine on a cloudy day. TikTok content creator @givethemgrace shows us how to make a super easy copycat recipe at home! 

Now you can save a few bucks and have extra slices to enjoy for days. The added bonus to making this copycat recipe at home is having your house smell like freshly-baked lemon cake. Skip the drive-thru and try this loaf at home instead! 

It looks just like the real deal! This sensational copycat recipe starts with a Dunkin' Hines lemon supreme cake mix. That’s right, no measuring flour and all the things that make a mess! Then, she blends in eggs and a can of coconut milk and pours the mixture into a greased loaf pan. After baking and cooling, she pours a sweet glaze on top. The slices of this lemon dream cake look soft and flavorful, and our stomachs are growling just thinking about it.

Viewer @Norma Martinez asked, “Do you think it will be OK to add blueberries? Texture wise?" And creator @Grace Marie said, “Yes, I think so!!!” Another commenter, @Antoinette asked, “What’s the icing?” @Grace Marie replied with, “I just added a little bit of water to store-bought vanilla frosting. But you could do lemon frosting or make your own glaze!!!” We love super easy kitchen hacks that look this amazing! The good news is that if you can’t make this today, you can always make a Starbucks run and get your fix until you can make it at home!

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