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Copycat Recipe for 'Starbucks Oat Fudge Bars' Is So Easy to Make at Home

If you love the treats at Starbucks but don’t have the financial resources of royalty to buy them every day, this next recipe will make your wallet and stomach very happy! TikTok content creator @bromabakery shares her copycat recipe for Starbucks oat fudge bars. This recipe looks so easy and so amazing!

You don’t even have to leave the house for these treats!

All that crumbly, buttery oat goodness, combined with the creamy fudge is enough to stop our hearts. She starts by creaming together the butter and sugar, then she drops in the flour and oats. She presses half the oat mixture into a brownie pan. Next comes the amazing chocolate fudge layer that's made by melting chocolate chips with butter and sweetened condensed milk. That sounds perfectly delightful! She spreads that fudgy goodness all over the oat layer and uses the remainder of the oat dough to crumble all over the top. After baking, they're sliced into cookie bars. Wow, those look just like the ones from Starbucks! We might need to take a break and make this recipe immediately.

Viewers were thrilled to see this recipe, and @Keli Jones commented, “Those were my favorite bars. I have worked at Starbucks for 28 years, and I am totally making them.” And viewer @HeyKaitHeyy shared another great idea, saying, “My step-mom's have a caramel layer as well, and they are NEXT LEVEL.” Oh my! We would love to try that version, too!

We're giving this recipe a try right away, and we can’t wait to see how they compare!