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Copycat 'Taco Bell Mexican Pizza' Recipe Is a Great Excuse to Skip the Drive-Thru

We know what it’s like to fall in love with a fast-food snack. Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza turned occasional visitors into loyal patrons. But eating out all the time adds up. Plus, it’s not the healthiest food choice. However, you can make a great fast-food meal at home. It could even get a healthy twist.

TikTok user offers us a new take on the Taco Bell favorite. The video provides the steps to creating your own Taco Bell treat. You’ll want to watch the clip. This healthier Mexican Pizza is so easy to make!

Those mini pizzas look absolutely yummy. Perhaps the beef inside the shells or the melted cheese on top makes it a win. TikTok users want those pizzas in their tummies, too. User @steedally said, “Those look good.” User @Kevin Gonsowski replied with smirking emojis, so we assume he also wants some. However, it wouldn’t be TikTok without a user with a differing opinion. @daniela unicorn girl remarked, “But they (Taco Bell) have it back.” While it may be true, @popkitchenfromparade said, “We like to cook.”

And if you like to cook as well, check out the other great recipes and tips from @popkitchenfromparade, including more copycat versions of your favorites. We can't get enough of this tasty Chick-fil-A sauce!

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Mmm. See ya, drive-thru lines! 

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