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Copycat 'White Castle' Burgers Recipe Has People Divided Over 'Secret' Ingredient

If you're a fan of White Castle burgers, you won't want to miss this one! A new video was shared on TikTok back in February by @foodrich. Lo and behold, it features a copycat recipe for White Castle sliders that's so easy, it's criminal. With just a few ingredients and a little time in your oven, you can recreate these classic bites in a jiffy.

The video of the recipe has 3.5 million views, and it's easy to see why! After checking it out, you just might skip the drive-thru the next time you have a hankering for White Castle. A word of warning, however. There's a secret ingredient that has some people freaking out. 

Peanut butter? For reals? Huh. Maybe that's why these sliders are so addicting. Of course, some people who watched the video couldn't get past the peanut butter addition. Some of them were totally turned off, and then there were people who were concerned about peanut allergies, which is understandable. One commenter, @Tstockert81 said, "Peanut butter in burger = jail time." And @mooreclan88 made an important point, saying, "Please tell anyone eating with you that there’s PB in the burger! Just in case. Signed, mom of allergic son." Sage advice for sure.

But on the flip side, plenty of other TikTok users are pretty excited about this recipe. @Gigi didn't wait to try it and said, "🥰 Fixed this for dinner tonight! Omg! So good!!! Thank you for this!" Another commenter, @Raquelle said, "Thank you for this video because I'm a Midwest girl now living in the south, and I miss my White Castle. So much better than Krystal!" And @Ely's The Boss added, "Thank you ❤️ I made it for my sons. Easiest dinner ever 👍🏼and OMG, gave me flashbacks of hitting White Castle after the clubs 🤣." HA!

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If you're a fan of copycat recipes, the @foodrich account shares plenty of them. They even have one for the McDonald's Big Mac!

You're welcome. Who else is probably going to have burgers on the brain for the rest of the day? Mmm. Dinnertime is already calling.

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