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Corn & Green Bean Casserole' Recipe Is a Tasty Twist on a Classic

If you’re struggling to decide between green bean and corn casserole, this recipe won’t make you choose. TikTok content creator @kendallsmith.904 shows us how to create a whole new Thanksgiving casserole. This creamy side won’t leave any leftovers behind.

We could eat the whole bowl of this snazzy side dish.

How great does that look? This great recipe comes at the perfect time for us because we've been trying to decide between making corn and green beans. This fabulous idea solves our problems, and now we can make both. For this easy recipe, she starts by draining two cans of green beans and two cans of corn and empties them into a greased 9 x 13 baking dish. In a separate bowl, she mixes together 16oz of sour cream, one block of cream cheese, 1 large handful of mild shredded cheddar cheese, and a can of cream of celery soup. She stirs it all together and then spreads that dreamy mixture over the veggies. For the sinful topping, she blends one stick of melted butter with crushed Ritz crackers and sprinkles the buttery mixture all over the top. Yes, yes, yes! 

The audience loved this 2 for 1 side. Viewer @tiff commented, "Yummmm, I absolutely love green bean casserole, and no one makes it anymore in our family, so glad I came across this video. Thanks.” Viewer @AmberRiley noted, “My grandma gave me this recipe, except with shoe peg corn and French style green beans. So good.” It sure looks good! Viewer @KendraMize suggested, “Yesss. We make this every year too. We add water chestnuts to the sour cream mixture!” That sounds like a nice idea, too! 

We're going to give this side a try, too. We think our family will be very happy we did!

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