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Easy 'Cornbread Casserole' Recipe Is the Perfect Pairing for Chili

If you love a good cornbread, you don’t want to miss this next recipe. This recipe looks better than any we have tasted before. TikTok content creator @cookinginthemidwest shows us how to prepare a fabulous cornbread, and it’s truly a sight to behold. 

You'll want to make a big pot of chili just to eat this!

Holy moly. This looks so delicious. Did you see those big pieces of sweet corn in that moist bread? Magnificent! This alluring recipe is very simple and we always love an easy meal. In this casserole, he uses a cornbread mix for the base and adds to it; 1 can of creamed corn, 1 can of regular corn, sour cream, butter, eggs and shredded cheese. Easy enough! It bakes in a 9x9 pan for 45 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. We think hot (spicy) honey poured over this bread, just before serving might also be an exceptional treat. Maybe a can of roasted street corn might also give this casserole some extra zip, too. We are loving how much you can do with this side dish.

The audience was thrilled to see this recipe! Viewer @MaryAnnMcIntireGillum commented, "Add green chilies, fresh jalapeños and some honey.” Yes, that sounds amazing, too, and many of the audience agreed with her. Another TikTok user, @Sondra commented, “Oh, this sounds better than the one I make.” It sounds better than any we’ve made, as well.

We love cornbread and chili anytime, but especially in the fall when it's cool and crisp. We are so excited to give this recipe a taste and we know we will be making our cornbread this way for years to come.