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Woman’s Copycat Recipe for a Favorite Childhood Treat Makes Us Feel Nostalgic

When we were kids, snacks were everywhere. You could find them at a corner store, cafeterias, or home. You’d get some homemade treats like Rice Krispies treats or cookies if you were lucky. But there was another loved dessert that’s enticed kids for decades - cosmic brownies. They’ve been around since the 1950s, but their taste is still fantastic today!

In a recent viral TikTok video by content creator @biteswithbecs, she gives us her copycat recipe for making homemade cosmic brownies. We admit they look heavenly. Get ready for your sugar rush of the day. Eating these makes us feel like a kid again!

You really could gobble them up in a few minutes. Talk about a kid’s dream come true. Ha! But are TikTok viewers ready to reminisce and bake some cosmic brownies? User @Connor Jacob said, “STOP! THESE LOOK SO GOOD.” @edits joked, “Cosmic brownies are good for like 3 seconds. I could never eat more than one. LOL!” @If I got you mad, I won 😆 disclose, “ME AND MY MOM JUST MADE THESE, SO GOOD.” @Brittany Cerbone asked, “How does one resist the entire pan to themselves, though? LMAO. I lack the willpower to allow myself to make these.” @NewMakBook revealed, “I WAS LITERALLY JUST THINKING ABOUT THIS!”

We’re happy that so many viewers still love these nostalgic treats. There were also plenty of comments from people who ate too many as a kid and can’t eat them anymore. You have our empathy. We’ll gladly eat your share for you! 

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