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Chef Turns 'Costco' Hot Dog Into a Gourmet Meal and Now We've Really Seen it All

Costco Wholesale is known for its extensive product sizes and discount prices. But they’re also known for their delicious food. Whether it’s from the food aisles, free samples, or the food court, Costco’s food is yummy. However, even the best home-cooked or food court meals can get improved. Don’t believe us? Okay, just watch.

A TikTok video by content creator @dannygrubs shows us what a gifted chef can do with any ingredients. He brings a Costco hot dog to Chef Willy Fungk to turn it into a gourmet meal. We weren’t expecting this dish. How on earth did he come up with this?

Some people are gifted at what they do. Chef Fungk really pulled out all the stops with his gold-topped shumai. We’ve never eaten 24K gold flakes, but we can bet it’s a life-changing experience. Let’s see how the TikTok community responded to this elegant masterpiece. User @Raunak Sunder said, “GENIUS.” @oldboygabe replied, “Bro took a $1.50 hotdog and Pepsi and turned it into a $150 meal.” @Doug exclaimed, “Very well done, chef!” @Mal said, “Nice. As an executive member, I approve. LOL.” @Leon Duong remarked, “My mouth is watering. I haven't had shumai in forever.” 

Yes, our mouths are watering, too, @Leon Duong. The difference between eating and dining is the hot dog vs. the gold-topped shumai. We’re ready to have that executive member experience. If you enjoyed this video, visit @dannygrubs TikTok channel. You’ll find plenty of food transformation content. Get ready to have your minds blown.