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Christmas Came Early Now That Costco's 'Wine Advent Calendars' Have Arrived

We have to be honest, we are still very much in summer mode. We aren’t quite ready to accept that the holidays are just around the corner, along with the colder weather. We’d like to stay in the warmth for just a little bit longer, but Costco has has thinking about those winter days already. 

TikTok content creator @milesandpints shows us what we really don’t want to see, but just can’t ignore. Those holiday advent wine and beer calendars are out! Say it isn’t so! Although, maybe these are exactly what we need, to help us get into the spirit of the next season. You know you want them both!

They sure know what they are doing over there at Costco, and these gems will definitely help us to get into a more festive mood. As the weather turns colder, at least we get to try a new beer or wine each day. Yes, we are feeling better now. These will also makes a fantastic gift for fall birthdays or for housewarmings, too. 

Viewers were ready to embrace them, and user @BonBombe noted, “My toxic trait is wanting to buy the new wine calendar when I know full and well, I still have half of last year's left." We have faith they can get last year's taken care of before they start this one! Commenter @Grace said, “we don’t have Costco here!!!!” Ugh. Maybe they can ship them? But the video creator had another suggestion and replied with, “There’s a wine one at Aldi available on November 2nd, if you have one of those nearby.” That’s great news!

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If you’re looking to give one or both of these great ideas a try, don’t wait too long, or just like the summer, they will be gone before you know it!


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