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Viral Video of Couple Married for 69 Years ‘Arguing’ Over Dinner Is Totally Priceless

Relationships aren’t easy. We all have different personalities. But these differences become more apparent the longer we’re with someone. Some people walk to the beat of their own drums. They light up a room wherever they go. At the same time, other people want to stick to a plan. If their plans don’t go as expected, crankiness might ensue.

In a recent viral TikTok video that’s gained over 5.1 million views, user @gianna.manfredi34 gives us a glimpse into the lives of her great-grandparents. Now, wedded-bliss may not last until death do us part. But they’ve been married for 69 years, so a few tiffs are expected. However, great-grandma was feeling fine doing her little dinner table dance. Great-grandpa wanted no parts of it. All this lady’s husband wanted was to finish his meal. Check out the video to see his reaction.

Sheesh. Somebody was hangry! Hahaha! But we can understand his terse attitude. He was trying to eat, not do a TikTok dance challenge. TikTokers are cracking up over great-grandpa’s attitude. User @Roberta Cooke joked, “The second he said her name, I immediately thought, “DAMN Jackie, I can’t control the weather.” @eileenliles495 said, “Well, isn’t he a little ray of sunshine!” @Kayla Knapp replied, “Comments did not pass the vibe check. Not every relationship is adoration all the time by both parties. He loves her. He’s just trying to eat. LMAO.”

We agree with @Kayla Knapp. Every day can’t be sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows. But it's incredible when you have someone with you to weather the storm. If you enjoyed this video, head over to @gianna.manfredi34‘s channel for more adorable footage of this cute couple.

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