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Simple Recipe for 'Cowboy Butter' Levels Up Steak Like No Other

If you could go for a nice steak right now, we have found the perfect sauce to accompany it. We’ve never heard of cowboy butter before, but we think we’re going to like it a lot. TikTok content creator @jortskitchen shows us how it’s done.

Step aside A-1, this cowboy butter is the new sheriff in town.

Wow! We usually don’t use steak sauce. We haven’t been able to eat any sauce on our steaks since we were kids. It reminds us of chewy cube steak and the only way to get it down, was with half of a bottle of A1. But this spectacular sauce doesn’t look anything like the one from our childhood. The simple sauce is made by melting butter and adding; garlic parsley, chili flakes, lemon, thyme, and chives. Then, it’s also seasoned with cayenne, paprika, lemon zest, and Dijon mustard. That’s easy enough for us to do!

The audience was excited about this cowboy butter, too, and viewer @smokingape commented, “Just made this for guests and they loved it. Thanks, bud.” And viewer @Miche/ChezMiche added, “Omg the best thing ever.. I use it for other meals.” The video's creator replied, “It would be amazing on seafood! I saw a comment of some saying to use it for garlic bread.” Ohhh, garlic bread sounds like it would be amazing with this sauce. Another commenter, @XVanHalenX shared another great idea, saying, "Sounds like a good wing sauce. I wonder.” We think they might be on to something there!

Although we are usually a purist with our steaks, this sauce has us salivating.