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'Cranberry Brie Hand Pies' Are Like Little Pockets of Gold

If you haven’t really thought about eating a hand pie since grade school, that will change today. This is not your sugary variety, with the stale crust you might remember. TikTok content creator @jzeats shows us how to make elegant hand pies and they look so adorably delicious!

These cute little hand pies were made to be devoured. 

This idea is so smart and so easy too! To make these darling hand pies, she cuts puff pastry sheets into rectangles. She places a large slice of brie in the middle, and tops it with thinly sliced apples, and a dollop of homemade cranberry sauce. Yummy! She places another piece of puff pastry on top and crimps the edges. She tells us to poke little holes in the top layer, to vent, as this helps to prevent an explosion in your oven. Brush on an egg wash and then sprinkle a little sea salt on top. Bake until they are golden brown outside and all melty and delicious inside. Yep, we've got to try these.

We loved this idea, and the audience did, too. Viewer @peanutbabycakes commented, “This looks delicious, mouth watering.” It really does! Another fan of the video, @KrisiR commented, “Trying this tomorrow!” That sounds like a great plan to us! 

The variations for these grown-up hand pies are endless. A slice of Camembert with cherry preserves might be delicious. And we would also adore fresh figs, honey and brie. The savory, sweet pies might also be nice, with freshly shredded cheddar, apple slices, and a swish of maple syrup, too.

We can’t wait to give this charming idea a try.