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Gorgeous 'Cream of Gnocchi' Soup Is Like a Hug in a Bowl

If you enjoy Olive Garden and are a big fan of their creamy gnocchi soup, please stop everything. You need this sensational copycat recipe. TikTok content creator @mysavorycravings shares her dreamy soup recipe with us, and we're so delighted to know how to make this at home.

You’ll only need a salad and breadsticks to make this soup a meal!

You never need to ask us twice if we’d like to go to Olive Garden for soup, salad, and breadsticks. This is one of our all-time favorite meals, and we're so happy to have a recipe for ourselves. Those soft potato pillows look so dreamy, and that creamy broth with the spinach and carrots looks so full of flavor.

The audience adored this recipe. Viewer @Kelly commented, "That looks absolutely delicious." We agree completely! Another commenter, @lnel5 asked, "That looks delicious. What’s a good gluten-free option for gnocchi? I don’t like making it homemade.” And the recipe's creator replied, “Delallo foods make a gluten-free option. Love them.” Wonderful to know! 

Viewer @LynB chimed in with,“We made something similar last year. Can’t freeze it, though!” That’s OK. We're up to the task of finishing the whole batch. And @ClemFandango noted, “I feel like posting this without a recipe is a crime. I need to know how to make this. The creator shared great news, saying, "TikTok didn’t let me include the link in bio - finally have that feature. You can find the link now!!

We think this copycat recipe looks as good as our Olive Garden favorite and we can’t wait to try it at home!