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Comforting 'Creamy Chicken and Noodles' Recipe Should Be in Everyone's Arsenal

There are few meals as comforting as chicken noodle soup. And every family has their own special way of making this classic dish. TikTok content creator @at.home.cook shares her family recipe for creamy chicken noodle soup, and it’s definitely a keeper!

We think this dish is best served, without a cold!

We love chicken noodle soup and we don’t have to be sick to enjoy it. In fact, we think it’s much better to enjoy the chicken noodle soup when you’re feeling good and can taste how delicious it is! 

We’ve never made a creamy noodle version before, but we'll be giving this a try immediately. It doesn’t get much better than chicken and noodles, but adding in the cream cheese and cheddar makes this comforting food look so extra-special. We appreciate how easy this recipe is. We were happy to see her cooking the chicken breasts whole and shredding them in a stand mixer. This method is so much better than dicing raw chicken (YUCK) or trying to shred scalding poultry with your hands.

The audience loved this recipe, and it even inspired some non-soup lovers, too. Viewer @ohtwotwelve commented, “I don't even like soup, but this looks like not soup lol. So I'm gonna try it! Thank you!” Viewer @user769112865924 asked a great question, “Would this freeze okay? My fiancé isn’t a big soup person, but I love it.” The recipe's creator replied with, "You might be able to freeze the base and serve it with pasta separately! The pasta won’t freeze well!” That’s great to know! 

We can’t wait to make this creamy noodle soup. It'll go so beautifully on a chilly night with a lovely glass of wine.