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Recipe for 'One-Pan Creamy Mushroom Chicken Pasta' Is a Guaranteed Weeknight Hit

We know that making a big pasta meal on a weeknight can feel like a daunting task. But the easy cleanup of a one-pot meal can help to make cooking so much more fun! TikTok content creator @saucedupfoods shows us a restaurant-quality recipe, all prepared in one pan! No giant pot to wash for the pasta water, no secondary frying pan to clean. This low-mess meal is guaranteed to please everyone at your table!

Did we mention that the title of the recipe is "one-pan creamy mushroom chicken pasta?" Yep. This dish has all of your favorite comfort foods in one tasty meal. See how easy this recipe is to make!

YUM!! She begins by heating oil in a frying pan and throughly cooks two seasoned chicken breasts, then she sets the chicken aside to rest. Using the same pan, she adds butter to loosen the tasty brown bits, adds shallots and garlic, then mushrooms and chicken stock, followed by heavy cream. 

The real surprise comes when she adds the uncooked pasta to the pan and cooks it in the sauce until the pasta is done and the sauce is creamy. She completes the sauce by stirring in Parmesan cheese. Yum! Then, she slices the chicken and adds it back to the pasta, and tops this gorgeous dish with more parmesan and fresh parsley. Count us in!

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People who watched the clip were also impressed by this easy meal. One user, @Fredxxx said what we all are thinking, “That looks so good.” It certainly does! Another commenter, @Xennial El gave us a great idea to try, saying, “I love it! I would use chicken cutlets. Easier to eat and share.” That sounds amazing, too! We know we will be trying this recipe out as soon as possible. It's way too good to pass up.


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