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Easy '15-Minute Creamy Mushroom Pasta' Is a Weeknight Dream

We're happy to see an easy, restaurant-quality meal that we can throw together tonight! This gorgeous recipe looks like it takes way longer than 15 minutes easy to make. TikTok content creator @feeedmi shows us how to make this simple, better than a bistro pasta meal at home!

This effortless pasta dish will save you a ton of money on takeout!

It will take less time to prepare this meal than it would to drive to your favorite restaurant. This dish was designed for a super busy weeknight. And it won’t leave you feeling hungry or overwhelmed either. This easy recipe starts by boiling water/cooking your pasta. At the same time, begin heating oil in another pan and add; garlic, chili flakes, mushrooms, and cherry tomatoes and allow to cook down. Then, add oregano, rosemary, and pureed tomatoes. Allow to simmer with cream, parmesan and a little water. Toss in your cooked pasta and stir that dreamy dish together. Wow, this looks so creamy and so full of flavor! 

The audience enjoyed learning about this easy pasta meal. Viewer @jupiter21 commented, “Your mom is right... homemade food is the best.” We think so, too! Viewer @Mandie_Leighton added, “I agree because it's easier, plus you save more money instead of eating out.” That’s very true! And TikTok user @CasioGreg2022 noted, “Just so we're clear.. I liked the video within the first 10 seconds... so the rest is bonus material.” She had us captivated within seconds, too!

We know our family will love this dish and our wallets will as well.