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Healthy 'Creamy Pesto Chicken' Recipe Is a Feast for the Eyes

We don’t usually think of creamy chicken dishes as diet-friendly foods. However, this creamy chicken pesto looks every bit as rich as our favorite restaurant meal, but it’s actually a lower-calorie recipe too! TikTok content creator @ellena_fit shows us how to make an elegant-looking chicken dish that won’t ruin your diet.

This creamy pesto chicken will feel like a true indulgence. 

This meal looks outstanding! What a great idea for a busy weeknight. This easy dish uses one pan for cooking the chicken and vegetables and one pan for cooking the rice. You could even try a microwave pouch of instant rice, to save yourself some time. She starts by seasoning the chicken breasts with paprika, oregano, salt, and pepper. 

Then, she cooks the seasoned breasts in olive oil and sets them aside to rest. In the same pan she adds spring onions, spinach, tomatoes, reduced-fat pesto, and light cream. She adds the chicken back to the pan to coat it in the sauce. And then it’s served with the rice on the side. Wow, this dish looks so darn good!

The audience wasted no time giving this meal a try. Viewer @LauraAskin commented, “I just cooked this, and it was amazing!!! Thanks.” That's so good to hear. Viewer @EmmaJones echoed that sentiment, saying, “I've just made this, and it was absolutely delicious.” We'll definitely try this tonight!

This sensational meal will be perfect on a busy weeknight but can also be made to impress your dinner guests too. Everyone will love this creamy, lower-calorie dish. We think it might just become a regular recipe for our weekly menus.