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Easy Recipe for Creamy 'Potato Gratin' Is Nothing Short of Sensational

If you’re a lover of all things potatoes, we’ve found a recipe for you! These cheesy potatoes look absolutely mouthwatering, and they also look so very beautiful!  TikTok content creator @simple.home.edit shows us how to make these dreamy potatoes and we just can’t look away.

These stunning spuds will be the star of any meal!

Those potatoes look so pretty!  This delightful recipe will please any crowd, and it doesn’t look hard at all! This easy recipe starts by vertically stacking sliced potatoes in a baking pan. How smart! Then, a creamy mixture of butter, cream, garlic, salt, grated cheese and a few sprigs of thyme, is poured over and in-between the potato slices. Yum, this looks so good! Bake it in the oven and then finish it under the broiler, to get a golden, crunchy top. Perfecto! 

We like this idea in place of mashed potatoes because it will allow us to prepare them ahead of time and serve them hot and fresh. We don’t have to worry about mashing potatoes while we have a house full of guests.

The audience was impressed by this recipe and viewer @recordinglight commented, “One of my favorites to make. Never thought of standing the potatoes up. I usually lay them flat. Your idea looks way better. Gonna try this.” We're impressed by this method, too. There seemed to be only one problem we could find with this recipe, viewer @Wife.of.Sisi noted, “Side? No, my potato loving self sees that as a whole meal.” We have that potato-loving problem, too.

We can’t wait to give these gorgeous potatoes a try. If they taste half as good as they look, they're sure to be outstanding!