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Incredible Recipe for 'Creme Brulee Donuts' Is Almost Too Good to Be True

Did someone say crème brûlée donuts? With a crunchy caramel coating and a custard center? Yes, they sure did, and now we need to get one of these donuts immediately! TikTok content creator @bakewithzoha shows us how to make homemade crème brûlée donuts and we are totally captivated by her mystical creation. 

Holy crunch! This might be the most spectacular donut we’ve ever seen.

For real!? Did you hear that crunchy coating? These look to die for! We have to be honest, we’ve never made homemade donuts before. We’ve never really felt motivated enough to do the work, but after seeing this recipe, we will be getting out our mixers and giving this a try. She rolls out the homemade dough and uses a round cutter to make the uniform donuts. After rising, they're fried to a golden brown. She makes the custard filling and puts it through a sieve to get it perfectly smooth, and then she pipes that silky filling into the center of each donut. Then it’s time for these beautiful donuts to get a dip in the crunchy caramel coating. Yep, these will totally be worth the effort!

The audience loved this unique recipe, and viewer @ChefAuthorized commented, "Those look so good!” Viewer @MmSweetShop asked, “How much time in advance can you make these? Will they go bad if made a day or 2 early?” And the recipe's creator replied, “Yes - they go soggy because of the filling and the caramel. You can make the dough a day before and let it rise in the fridge but then assemble fresh.” Great to know!

If you’re looking for a special treat to make this week, you’ve certainly found it here. We can’t wait to see if these donuts taste as good as our favorite dessert!