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Perfect 'Crinkle-Top Fudge Brownies' Recipe Leaves Us Weak in the Knees

It’s been a long time since we’ve made homemade brownies, but we're getting our mixers warmed up for this one. TikTok content creator @freshbeanbakery has us feeling inspired,with all this fudgy goodness. This scratch-made brownie recipe looks so much better than a box mix!

If you love brownies, this one's for you! The crinkle tops are just to die for! 

This recipe looks amazing, and it’s very straightforward, too. In her blog, the creator also shares with us some great tips for achieving the perfect brownie. First, she recommends weighing the ingredients for a more exact measurement. Then, she tells us to mix the dough carefully, as over-mixing leads to more gluten formation. It will also make the brownies tough, instead of fudgy and chewy. Good to know! 

If you’re wondering how she gets that perfectly crinkled top, she gives us that secret. All we need to do is whisk the eggs and sugar together until they are light and fluffy. Who knew? One more great tip is for cutting the brownies. To make cutting easier and to get a perfect piece each time, simply dip the knife in a tall glass of hot water. Keep dipping and slicing, and you'll get a perfect piece each time! 

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The audience was ready to give this recipe a try, and viewer @whalterwhiteyo commented, “We have to make these this weekend." We agree completely, we do too! Viewer @Ana, said what we are all thinking, saying, “looks delicious!” Yes, they sure do!

Now that we know how to achieve better-than-bakery brownies, we'll never use a box mix again!

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