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Scrumptious Recipe for 'Crispy Parmesan Potatoes' Just Became Our New Favorite

We didn’t know we wanted a new potato recipe until we saw this one! These crisp and buttery spuds are making us so very hungry. TikTok content creator @simplefood4you shows us an easy way to make parmesan potatoes that we didn’t know we needed.

These super easy, crispy parmesan potatoes are about to make dinner so much better!

These pretty potatoes will make everyone think you have mad skills in the kitchen! They'll never know how unbelievably easy they are unless you tell them.

Our favorite new way to make potatoes starts with a sheet pan. First, she melts a stick of butter and adds it to the pan, then she blends in; garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, and parmesan. Then, she smears that seasoned buttery goodness all over the pan. Have mercy! Next, she slices the potatoes down the center, like a baked potato, and then cuts the inner portion into a grid. She places the halves face down on the seasoned butter and gives the outer skin a brush of butter, too. Then she adds a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. Send those right over here, please!

When the potatoes emerged from the oven in all that buttery goodness, we just about fainted. We love a good potato, and this one looks exceptional. So crispy and satisfying, we must give them a try!

We'll be taking this recipe out for a test run immediately, and we think these beautiful potatoes might make a nice addition to our holiday meals this year. Sometimes, it’s nice to serve up something a little more exciting than regular mashed potatoes.