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Easy Recipe for 'Crockpot Loaded Baked Potato Soup' Is a Comfort Food Dream

We love meals you can just set and forget, and this Crockpot potato soup is an essential meal for those cool fall nights. Nothing feels quite as comforting a spoonful of cheesy potatoes and bacon. We know what you’re thinking, it’s a great dinner idea, but who has the time? 

TikTok content creator @amber.nickel shows us a genius hack for making this dish without the hassle of peeling and cutting potatoes. You’re going to love how easy this soup is to make!

She begins by adding two bags of frozen hash brown potatoes, which are simply diced potatoes. Who Knew?! Then she mixes in Hidden Vally Ranch seasoning and emphasizes it must be Hidden Valley Ranch, as the generic version she tell us, is not the same. After the HVR, she adds condensed cream of chicken soup, chicken broth, bacon bits, cream cheese, and shredded cheddar cheese. For seasoning the soup, she uses salt and pepper, garlic and herb, plus Cajun seasonings to taste. Oh my, this soup looks amazing!

Viewers wasted no time trying this recipe out. TikTok user @sassy_Jules_69 said, “Made this same soup this week. I used the potatoes with onions and peppers. Oh man, it was amazing.” And content creator @amber.nickel replied, “I forgot to get onions at the store, or they would’ve been in there. It would make it so much better!!” Great to know that you can add onions and peppers, too! 

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Commenter @Smith_House_Bakery asked a question you might also be wondering, “Do you find that using the frozen potatoes makes it too mushy vs fresh potatoes since it’s in the Crockpot for such a long time? Looks really good.” The creator replied with, “I’ve found that frozen doesn’t get too mushy and it saves on cutting time. Fresh potatoes work great too, I just adjust the cooking time.” We will definitely be trying this Crockpot recipe out soon!

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