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Mom's '3-Ingredient Crockpot Tacos' Are a Gift From the Heavens

If you’re searching for a simple meal to make this week, look no further. This Crockpot recipe for chicken tacos looks out of this world and is easier than we could have ever dreamt. TikTok content creator @danielle_davis14 shows us how to make some tasty tacos that are prefect for a busy weeknight.

This looks almost as easy as getting takeout, but so much healthier and far less expensive! 

This is such a brilliant idea. Making tacos has never looked better. This effortless dish starts by adding 3 chicken breasts to the Crockpot, with a packet of taco seasoning sprinkled over them. Then, add a bag of frozen onions and peppers over the seasoned chicken. Spread an additional seasoning packet over the veggies. Allow the chicken to cook for 4 hours on high or 6 on low. Shred your chicken when it's three quarters of the way done, and continue to cook to blend with the sauce. She tells us this does not require any additional liquid for cooking, as it will make its own juice while it cooks. This chicken can be used for tacos, burritos, rice bowls or anywhere you’d like to see this tasty meat. Yummy!

The audience was impressed by the ease of this recipe, and viewer @user1170159726892 commented, "This looks amazing! Going to try this, thank you.” Another TikTok user, @carlytym5 didn’t waste time and noted, “This was soooo good! We had it tonight for dinner! Thank you for sharing!!” Great to hear! Viewer @mamas added, “Love the frozen bell peppers and onions didn’t know about those.” We didn't either, but we're happy to know they exist to make life easy!

Everyone always loves taco night. This recipe is not only great for a busy weeknight, but the leftovers could be used to make nachos for game day, too!