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Man’s Intricate Croissant-Shaped Pasta Has Us Captivated

Do you love a warm, flaky pastry that melts in your mouth? Then you probably enjoy croissants. Croissants are delicious. They’re light and go well with bacon and eggs. But breakfast isn’t the only time for eating croissants. Some croissants are filled with chocolate making them an ideal dessert. But have you considered having croissants for dinner? 

In a TikTok video by content creator @dannylovespasta, he decides to get creative and make croissant-shaped pasta. No, we’re not joking. But it’s something you need to see to believe. This pasta is as beautiful as it gets.

Isn’t that picture-perfect pasta? We’re shocked no one has attempted this idea before. But it’s okay because @dannylovespasta did a phenomenal job of making it. We’d gladly join him for a meal anytime. Let’s see if the TikTok community also enjoyed this video. @Christine Anne-Marie replied, “Nothing. I want nothing more than this mozzarella croissant pasta!” @Laundry God said, “Looks so good.” @Adriana remarked, “Omggggggg, you did NOT. Those are so cute.” @✨Romlom✨expressed, “Now people won’t judge me for having pasta for breakfast. LOL.”

People are thrilled about this recipe. Some viewers offered suggestions to make it pop even more. User @Jenn Kirk suggested, “Those would be amazing in the air fryer!” @Liherrera offered, “Ooooo, I like this one a lot! Imagine ricotta and sausage stuffed!” Yes, we can imagine it @Liherrera, and it sounds delightful! If you want to see more fantastic pasta recipes, check out @dannylovespasta’s TikTok channel. Your stomach will thank you.

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