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Video Showing the Alleged 'Secret Truth' About Crumbl Cookies Is Kind of a Buzz Kill

So, by now, you know we’re huge cookie lovers. Cookies are the best snack to get paired with a glass of milk. Cookies are amazing because they’re small but come in various flavors. They are almost like mini cakes, which is part of their appeal. These mini cakes used to be homemade thing. Those days are long gone. There are countless cookie brands out there. Many go-to cookies are sold in grocery stores. But there are some brands you can only buy at designated locations.

In a TikTok video by content creator @ashleighntobin shares a video of Crumbl Cookies getting made. There is nothing wrong with filming cookies being baked. However, her camera captured a bit more than flour, eggs, and sugar. Looks like their famous recipe isn't so famous after all.

We didn’t realize Crumbl Cookies used pre-made cake mix in some of their cookies. We don’t know which cookies get the Betty Crocker treatment and which don’t. But at least we know not all of the cookies are from scratch. Let’s see how the TikTok community felt about this disclosure. User @lilianarnam wrote, “So, you’re telling me for the price of a $5 cookie I could buy a box for $1.59 and make my own and a lot of them?” @Gabby🤍replied, “Not for every cookie, though. Only specific cookies get that.” @J joked, “And they out here suing other cookie companies.” @Valeriia Savun asked, “Am I the only one who even didn’t try Crumbl Cookies yet?”

Well, it seems as though people aren’t too surprised that cake mix is added to some of the Crumbl Cookies. However, there were a few surprised viewers. But it doesn’t matter if they add pre-made cake mix. As long as the cookies taste good, we aren’t complaining. To see more content, visit @ashleighntobin’s TikTok channel.

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