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Stunning 'Crunch Cheesecake' Dessert Totally Blows Our Minds

If you still haven’t found that show-stopping dessert you’ve been searching for, you may have finally found it now. TikTok content creator @succulentbite shows us how to make the most luscious cheesecake we may have ever seen. This delectable dessert will be the hit of the holidays! 

This is not the recipe you want to see if you’re currently dieting. 

This sensational recipe starts with a buttery chocolate graham crust. Then, line your spring-loaded cheesecake pan with 1/2 bar pieces of Crunch bars along the edges. Yes, yes, yes! After the crumbs have set, add that dreamy, creamy, cheesecake layer. This layer of beautiful creaminess looks to die for. It’s topped with a sinful rice crispy ganache. We've never wanted to make a cheesecake more than we’ve wanted to make this one. This beautiful cake is perfect as is, but could also be extra-fancy with strawberry, raspberry, or a little salted caramel sauce drizzled on the plate.

The audience was left drooling over this magnificent cheesecake. Viewer @307WyomingGirl said, “HOLY HANNA!!! That looks amazing!!!” It really does look fabulous! Viewer @Sébastien commented,“This looks soooo good. And I don’t even like cheesecake lol.” We think this decadent dessert might inspire a few new cheesecake lovers. If ever there was a cake to do it, this is the one.

We're so happy to have found this easy no-bake recipe. Baking a traditional cheesecake can be hard and very uncertain. This reliable recipe will make you look like a rock star, while giving you party-planning peace of mind. 

We love everything about this dessert. The holidays can’t come fast enough for us to try this out!