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Immigrant's Reaction to Trying a Pastry in the U.S. for the First Time Is Just So Moving

The United States is a country so full of abundance, and oftentimes, we don't stop and appreciate just how much we have to be thankful for here. Take for example, the endless food options, where we can sample pretty much any cuisine from all over the world. One TikTok couple, @yoelandmari, appreciates all that and more after coming to the States.

If you haven't seen it before, the account documents an immigrant couple's journey and adjustment of moving from Cuba to the United States of America. In a recent video, Yoel tries a Cuban pastry for the first time since arriving in our country. His reaction after biting into it will bring tears to your eyes.

Oh, my goodness. The look of astonishment and pure bliss on his face is enough to make anyone emotional. Yet another moment that means so much to someone who has never experienced all the U.S. has to offer, while we sit back and take it for granted. 

Marissa, Yoel's wife, left a note in the comments to clarify one thing in the video: "To clarify: Potatoes are really hard to find in Cuba. And only when in season. Beef is illegal. So making a potato ball with beef is very hard to find." This further explains why he was so blown away after tasting it. 

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People are so moved by his beautiful reaction. One commenter, @mrswilson120 said, Is it wrong for me to say I love your husband? He shows the wonderment of a child and recognizes his blessings." Marissa replied with, "No- I love him too." Another fan of the video, @Ashley De Jesus added, "Oh man. As a Cuban American. This made me tear up. To know our own people don’t know their own food. 💔" And @Ellen Jordan said what we're all thinking about this wonderful couple: "The way y’all use this account to offer gentle, real perspective is astounding and special. We see you and we hear you, and I swear we feel you."

Shifting gears a little -- they also shared another recent clip of Yoel reacting to something very American, Dippin' Dots.

Somebody send this man on a food tour of the United States, stat! There are so many dishes and treats we'd love to see him try.

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