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Woman’s Joke About Fast-Food Workers Dealing With Customers Is Going Viral

Okay, we know that fast-food restaurants aren’t always the place to receive five-star customer service. But those employees put up with a lot. Things might get backed up if there’s a long line in the drive-thru and inside the restaurant. Sometimes, your order just doesn’t come out right, but if you handle things well and are calm and collected, the manager will often resolve the issue.

However, not all fast food visits go smoothly. In a viral TikTok video by user @dinabarbanente, we see a parody of an order mix-up at Culver’s gone wrong. People can’t help but laugh at this viral video. What the woman behind the counter does is pretty hilarious! 

Well, that’s one way to solve that problem. Haha! We’d all love to toss a rude customer’s food. But if we did, it would result in unemployment. Let’s see what TikTokers said about this honest art-imitating-life video. User @Dylan Robinson joked, “New menu item: Yeet fries.” @lana disclosed, “I work at Culver's. I do it on purpose.” @Eeliab asked, “I know it’s a joke. But I need to know if the people in the back knew or they just saw random fries in the air.” @dinabarbanente responded with, “They didn’t know. LMAO.”

Talk about a strange day on the job for those workers in the back! However, weirdness probably occurs in a lot of fast food restaurants. Whenever you’re dealing with the public, anything can happen. To enjoy more work hijinks, check out @dinabarbanente’s TikTok channel. 

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