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Dad Orders Starbucks Latte Under the Name 'Dobby' and Total Hilarity Ensues

In the world of Harry Potter, witches and wizards don’t drink a lot of coffee, let alone lattes. They’re more into tea, butterbeer, and pumpkin juice. However, if you’re a muggle-born wizard like Hermione, perhaps you know about Starbucks. If the muggles and magic folk of the world could unite, the possibilities would be endless.

In a reposted video from TikToker @itsmadshope, which initially gained over 23 million views, her dad doesn’t use his real name for his Starbucks order. This playful gentleman decides to name himself, Dobby, the sweetest and bravest house elf in the Harry Potter series. Apparently, this guy is a huge Harry Potter fan. Check out what he does after the barista calls out his order. Even Draco Malfoy wouldn't be able to resist his charm!

Isn’t he adorable when receiving his latte? TikTok users can’t get enough of @itsmadshope’s dad channeling his inner Dobby. User @Bulldog2021 remarked, “This is fantastic. The look of happiness in his eyes is priceless.” @MannyK_12 said, “Your dad wins TikTok. He’s a star.” @TB proclaimed, “We must protect this man at all cost! This is the cutest dad ever!!”

He certainly is an awesome dad. We'd all be happier if more parents were willing to give in to their silly side whenever the muse struck. If you’re hooked on the Harry Potter shenanigans of @itsmadshope, please head over to the profile. There is more HP-related content starring her father. Let’s hope one day, he uses Voldemort’s name. The reactions of the crowd will be epic.

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