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Dad's Hilarious Way of Ordering Drinks at 'Starbucks' Wins the Internet

Going on a Starbucks run is second nature to many of us. Some people visit Starbucks a few times a day. Others try to get there a couple of times a week. While some go whenever a craving happens. When you’re accustomed to ordering at Starbucks, picking up your food and beverages should go smoothly. However, if you’re a newbie to Starbucks, it could take some practice before you handle the lingo. 

In a TikTok video by content creator @breannakelle_, she shares footage of her dad ordering in the Starbucks Drive-Thru line. We didn’t expect it to go this way. We can't stop laughing at this!

Dad is a trooper for attempting to order at Starbucks. He was out of his element, but he got through it. We’re positive the Barista taking the order won’t forget him calling the drink a Granddaddy instead of Grande. Let’s find out if the TikTok community enjoyed this lighthearted exchange. User @elizabethgreymodel said, “More dad content, please. LOL,” @April Garnica joked, “LOL. Yeah, whatever they are!” @Britt responded, “Grand daddies. I’m dying.” @Anastasia said, “I work at Starbucks, and I would be SNORTING laughing.” @Brianna Zimmerman joked, “My dad calls Frappuccinos ‘frappawappas.’ LOL.” @Taryn Breeann disclosed, “Honestly, when people say “yeah, whatever they are” it instantly gives me a good vibe. You, sir, aren’t trippin & me either.” 

We totally agree, @Taryn Breeann. No, need to get huffy if someone mispronounces something. We all know what they meant. If you enjoyed this comical video, please visit @breannakelle_’s TikTok channel. 

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