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Dad Goes Viral for Sending His Kids Pics of the Meals He Makes While Mom’s Away

When the cats are away, the mice will play. But sometimes, it’s the Tom Cat that’s playing. When we travel, our eating habits and diets may shift a bit. If we’re used to someone else cooking for us, relying on delivery, take-out, or the easiest meals sounds good. However, some people take advantage of being away from their significant other and just eat whatever comes to mind.

In a recent TikTok video trilogy, user @laurburleson her dad Bruce’s messages to the family. They all wanted to know what he was eating when their mom was away from home. The food and drinks look tasty but not necessarily healthy. Mom probably would not approve of most of these meals, but the internet is totally getting a kick out of them! 

Mmm, those potato chips are yummy. We’re fans of kettle-cooked chips with sea salt. What’s not to love! People just can’t get enough of this dude. User @Juve Ospina joked, “All dads above 50 who use cell phones talk just like this.” @Abbey K replied, “I have a video presentation” I love him. Hahaha.” @It’s ya boi remarked, “Your father is a gem. This warms my heart.” Food delivery titans @Grubhub said, “If dad wants something delivered next time, we got him.” That’s exciting! But what else has daddy Bruce been preparing during his solo time?

That southern-style pulled pork looks delicious. However, we’ll take ours with some BBQ sauce. User @Alanna said, “Protect this man at all costs!!” @Cdubbs_ wrote, “Your dad seems like the most wholesome man. OMG.” @leilat2012 joked, “I love how they always just have a main and no sides.” @Em suggested, “Honestly, get this man on top Chef: Wife is Out of Town Edition.” We think that’s a great idea, @Em. But Bruce isn’t finished with his meal reviews yet.

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He knows how to end a meal because wine and ice cream are guilty pleasures we all enjoy. User @Manny B said, “Of course, Bruce pulled out the Magnum. Only the best for Bruce.” We agree with @MannyB that Bruce knows how to treat himself. @Lauren exclaimed, “Bruce is a gem. We need more Bruce videos!” We want more Bruce videos, too! Please make that happen, @laurburleson, because his fans are waiting.

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