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Woman Reveals 'Dairy Queen' Dessert Secret That Has People Obsessed

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When the craving for ice creams hits, the options are vast. You could go into your kitchen and grab a carton from the freezer. If you don’t have any at home, there’s always the supermarket. But sometimes, you’re in the mood for soft-serve ice cream. Soft serve ice cream is divine. It’s sweet and melts in your mouth. There’s something also hard ice cream or ice cream cake. Mmm, whoever invented the ice cream cake deserves so much praise. 

In a recent TikTok video by content creator @lexblind, she shares a little-known secret about Dairy Queen. Since Dairy Queen offers a variety of frozen treats, it’s not surprising what @lexblind shares. Boy, it’s a delicious secret that everyone will appreciate. We're running to Dairy Queen to get this right now.

That’s right. You can buy a mini-ice cream cake from Dairy Queen! We had no idea an ice cream cupcake existed. You’re welcome. But are the TikTok viewers happy about this secret? Let’s find out. User @julia wrote, “Babe, please tell me you didn't just now find out about this. If you have, I failed as a friend.” @amthomas2014 said, “Dude, I am trying this the next time I go.” @Kim Orr replied, “These have been around forever. I’m 41 & remember getting them in my 20s. They would have them in the freezers with pre-made cakes.” It seems as though we are the last ones to know.

However, we do want to let you know not all Dairy Queen locations carry these ice cream cupcakes. @lexblind commented, “Okay, y’all, I get it. Some locations don’t have it, sorry! My location (Ohio) literally had it printed on the menu for $2.50. Best of luck, besties!” Thanks for the heads up, @lexblind. We appreciate it. If you want more content, visit @lexblind’s TikTok channel.