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'Dairy Queen' Worker Shows Off Special Cone From 'Secret Menu' and It's Just So Fun

Secret menu items can be really enjoyable, and the secret sprinkle cone from Dairy Queen is no exception. In the interest of full disclosure, we should tell you, we have never met a soft serve ice cream cone we didn’t like! TikTok Content creator @dqwarrensburg, brings us our new weekend goal! 

This is such a fun idea, and you can only get it if you order off their "secret" menu. Check it out.

This next-level, sprinkle core cone has us daydreaming. Instead of rainbow sprinkles, it could be chocolate sprinkles. Or caramel, or chocolate fudge. It could also be chocolate crunchies, or toasted coconut, or maybe even a marshmallow center. We are in ice cream heaven. Adding the dip to finish off this cone just feels insanely good!

This newly-discovered knowledge brings so many more options to plain vanilla ice cream. You could have chocolate sprinkles in the center and a peanut butter dip on the outside. Maybe a strawberry center with a chocolate dip? The possibilities seem endlessly fabulous. 

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The audience wanted to get their hands on a sprinkle core cone, and user @Mrs.Rodas asked the question we all need to know: “Okay, but can you actually order this tho? I need it.” The creator @dqwarrensburg replied, “Sadly, this is not a menu item! If you ask politely, and the location you’re at isn’t busy, some might do it if they know what you’re talking about!” If they don’t, you can always let them in on this secret and show them the video.

Well, we've got to go; we will be on our way in just a minute to give this a proper try!

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