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Forager Fries Dandelions From Her Front Yard Up and Honestly They Look Delicious

We all know that cooking is a life skill. It’s something everyone should be able to do. However, another valuable life skill is knowing which berries, flowers, and plants are edible. We’re accustomed to grocery shopping in a big store. But what if you’re in a situation that requires you to survive in the woods? We’ve seen those stories of people lost in forests who clung to life off of what they could find. Yet, selecting edible flora from your backyard is a neat trick too.

In a recent video by TikTok user @alexisnikole, we learn that dinner doesn’t always come from your kitchen. Hang on to your cell phones. Never would have thought to eat something like that. Check out the video to see what she whips up in the kitchen.

Yes, she fried up some dandelion fritters like they were a hush puppies. Our stomachs are still unsure of what to expect. But TikTok users have been posting comments like crazy. User @erza scarlet admitted, “That looks sooo good! I'm gonna try these from the hospital since I'm allergic. Pray for me.” @Bekah Fuller replied, “Not even vegan, but I will definitely be buying your book. You are so resourceful, and I love every video!”

Now you might be thinking, “wait, aren’t dandelions the devil’s spawn of weeds?” No, on the contrary, they are suitable for bees and humans. They might have gotten a bad reputation from a popular blog post by garden writer Anna Povard. She wrote, “dandelions are bullies. They simply had to go.” 

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On the contrary, they are worth keeping around. They are a vivacious source of nutrition and so long as they are not treated with any sprays, they are great for fritters, salads, and even tea!

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