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Woman Finds a Defunct Coke Can and People Are Begging Her Not to Throw It Out

Are you a Coca-Cola fan? If so, you know what it feels like when the craving kicks in. You go to the fridge or the nearest vending machine to get an ice-cold can. Your taste buds are ready for the thirst-quenching cola. But what happens if the can looks different from the others you’ve drunk? It’s not common, but sometimes Coca-Cola cans have a factory error.

TikTok user @11aliceprism11’s video gives us a glimpse at her not-quite-right can of Coke. Trust us when we say this can is so unique it’s created a buzz. TikTok is totally losing it over this reject Coca-Cola can. Click on the video to see what’s got people talking.

Can you believe her can was flat? No tab. No opening. Just flat. 

TikTok users were quick to offer their advice for the lucky person who ended up with this can.

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User @BRANDON DEVIL said, “Don't open it. Save it. It will be worth A lot one day.” 

While user @Pettymclovin2 suggested, “I would sell that on eBay for a lot.” 

However, not all the comments revolved around dollar amounts. @gamergirl7008 replied, “Use an old can opener. Just don’t do it when it’s shaken.”

Considering the number of comments suggesting @11aliceprism11 sell this can on eBay, I had to see if it would be worth it. Surprisingly there is a section on eBay for factory error Coke cans. It turns out there is an identical can with a flat top listed on eBay for $765,432.10. 

However, the seller explains in the description that the listing price is a joke and encourages anyone to make an offer because the money will get donated to the American Red Cross. But hey, whether @11aliceprism11 wants to sell or keep her can is her choice. At least we know there is a market for defective Coke cans.

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