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'Dirty Martini Jell-O Shots' Have People Fascinated and Horrified at the Same Time

Ahhhh, Jell-O shots. If there's anything that reminds us of crazy parties in college, Jell-O shots are right up there. These little bites of boozy goodness are easy, convenient, and well, they give you such a nice buzz. But one TikTok creator, @bobert3189, decided to kick things up a notch from the expected strawberry and lime Jell-O shooters. Get this one -- he's making dirty martini Jell-O shots. Yes, you heard that right.

The video featuring the recipe is getting quite a bit of attention from people who are either fascinated, intrigued, or downright horrified. Can you guess what's turning some TikTok users off? Here's a hint: think about the ingredients that go into a dirty martini...

OMG. There's olives in there?! No wonder people aren't quite sure how to feel about these things. On the one hand, if you're an olive and/or dirty martini lover, these probably look pretty appealing. But if not? Yeah, please pass the regular flavors of shooters. 

Commenters couldn't wait to weigh in on this unique concoction. @Colleen Gosselin707 said, "You know what would be even better? Just a dirty martini that I didn’t have to chew. 😂" Well, you don't really chew them, you slurp 'em. Another TikTok user, @Suzy, was excited about the recipe and offered a suggestion: "Next time with blue cheese olives 😍." And @Minty was equally as gung-ho, saying, "It’s giving me 70’s Jell-O mold vibes… and I think I’m into it. 😳 "

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In the dissenting category, @Buttrock McLintock joked, "I’m shaken up and stirred about this." (Join the club.) And @Hope Wojo added, "Not sure if that sounds good or I should be horrified. I love Jell-O shots but I've never had a dirty martini."

This is definitely one of those recipes that you'll either love or hate based on personal preferences. And if you're on the fence? Why not give these a shot? (Pun totally intended.)

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