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Missouri Shop's Epic Loaded Baked Potatoes Are Going Viral

If you're craving a great baked potato right now, you must see this video. This spectacular spud has us salivating on our keyboards. TikTok content creator and potato poet @officialdirtypotato show us how a baked potato is done, in The Show-Me State. 

This sinful spud is a meal in itself.

Have mercy! That potato sure looks divine. This starchy creation begins by getting split and chopped. Then layers of shredded cheddar and shredded provolone go over the steaming insides. Diced chicken breast is then tossed in cheese sauce and placed over the cheese. Two more layers of shredded cheese go on top, and then it’s off to bake in the oven. And it comes out looking gooey and delicious! To complete this wonder, it gets a healthy dose of ranch dressing drizzled on top. Wow! We are so desperate to eat this, we might just ask Wendy's if they would attempt to make this creation for us.

The audience loved this dreamy potato. Viewer @LaurenParry commented, “I’m offended that a product that looks this amazing is being marketed to me when it is nowhere near my geographical area. Unacceptable.” We agree completely! Viewer @SabrinaLopez added, “Man, I really am a Texas girl. I was like....where is the brisket?! LOL.” Brisket sure sounds like an amazing topping for this potato, but they do offer a spud with burnt ends. Viewer @Stephanie commented, “You got me contemplating a 20-hour drive!!” We might just join you on that road-trip Stephanie!

If you’ve been looking for a reason to visit Joplin, Missouri, you’ve sure got a great one now! When we plan our Midwest travels, we'll definitely be making a stop at the Dirty Potato!