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Woman's Surprising Breakfast on the 'Disney Wish' Cruise Ship Has Us Laughing Out Loud

If you’ve ever been on a cruise, you know how truly amazing the breakfast experience can be! Even if you’re not usually a breakfast eater, the sensational selection will inspire you to indulge yourself. You’re on vacation, and you’ve paid for it anyway, so letting sensational food go to waste just feels wrong. It's especially true for those luscious patisseries, giant omelets, crispy hash browns and fresh fruits. We're hungry just thinking about it! 

One thing you wouldn’t expect on a Disney cruise however, is ordering Belgian waffles and being served what appears to be Eggos instead. Say what? That’s a major downgrade you wouldn’t expect from Disney. TikTok content creator @magicalhijinx shares her not-so-magical breakfast that has us laughing out loud!

This cruise breakfast will have you shaking your head!

HA! We love her facial expressions that say exacting what we are all thinking. "Huh? Was this a candid camera moment?" Eggos were definitely not the upscale breakfast she was expecting. At least this downgrade didn’t dampen her spirts, and her hilarious response has us in stitches. As the saying goes, "When life gives you lemons, add vodka and make the best of it!"

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Several viewers say they have had this experience on disembarkation day, too. TikTok user @Kristen79 said, ”This happened on the last day on the Disney Fantasy, I got no last Mickey waffles.” But viewer @MeganEOLena has a great plan to avoid this breakfast disappointment. “It sounds like the solution is to never disembark. Don’t disembark, don’t get sad waffles!” Perfecto, we like the way she thinks! On the bright side, it seems the Mickey waffles are served for the majority of the cruise, and now you know to avoid the waffles on your last day. Leaving a cruise ship is sad enough, anyway!

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