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‘Doritos Mozzarella Stick’ Hack Is the Appetizer Upgrade We All Need

By now, you know we love our Doritos. They’re a yummy cheesy snack that crunches with every bite. But they aren’t just for snacking anymore. Doritos have transitioned from a kid’s go-to-goodie to a key ingredient in entrees. Yes, Doritos chicken casserole is a thing. Doritos Tacos also exist. We’ve even seen chicken tenders coated in Doritos. However, there’s one Doritos recipe no one expected.

In a TikTok video by content creator @hasaneats, he reveals his hack for a delicious Dorito-flavored appetizer. Who knew this was the food we always needed? Wait until you see the video. These sticks look absolutely incredible.

Yes, we’ll take ours in a to-go bag. Once we start eating, we won’t want to stop until they’re gone. If only our school cafeterias sold these mozzarella sticks. Let’s see if TikTok wants to taste these cheesy treats. User @DaddyAnthonyEdwards🐐🥵 replied, “I've never seen anyone do this.” @Yea and no asked, “Okay, but why does this look good?” @Autumn Huseby said, “@crystelann212, We need to try this!” @MiniDoodleRiley exclaimed, “Hot Damn!” @TheSnackPackers wrote, “Looks definitely bussin.” 

However, some people weren’t impressed. User @šefik asked, “Explain to me how this is a hack?” @nxhdhdjfjnf suggested, “Man’s two years late.” You can’t please everyone. Some viewers offered tips to spice up the recipe. User @Alyxzandria Moore offered, “Hear me out, though. This but with Flamin Hot Cool Ranch Doritos.” @Camden said, “Should do it with Pepperjack Cheese sticks.” All of these suggestions sound delicious. If you enjoyed @hasaneats video, please check out @hasaneats’ TikTok channel. You’ll find more finger licking recipes. 

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