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Drew Barrymore's Hack for Enjoying Pizza While Cutting Carbs Is All Too Relatable

If you’re currently on a low-carb diet, or even if you're a seasoned keto rockstar, you’ll to love Drew Barrymore’s TikTok video for pizza salad! No longer will you be eating a protein bar in the corner, questioning your life choices while everyone else enjoys a fabulous piece of pizza.

This is our new favorite way to eat a salad!

Yes, it's true. On any given weekday, you will find us trying to avoid carbs. It’s our penance for our weekend indiscretions. In this charming video, she mentions that this hack might upset some viewers. We think those viewers were likely born with stellar metabolisms and/or self-control, but for those of us less fortunate, we need to have this in trick our lives! As she scrapes the pizza toppings, onto her salad, we can’t stop laughing and thinking about how great this idea really is!

This video garnered some mixed reactions from the audience. Commenter @Harla said, “I do the same thing.... Thanks for being you!” And @MikeBirbiglia commented, "Drew, I’m filing a lawsuit on behalf of pizza.” Too funny! We totally understand all sides of this pizza salad situation. The one thing everyone seemed to agree upon was how much they love Drew, and commenter @montymouse1234 said, “We love you Drew. You are every woman’s best friend.” Yes, we think that is very true!

Our favorite part of this idea came at the very end, and @GreatWolfLodge said it perfectly. “We didn’t know it, but we really needed to see that bite at the end!” Yes, we sure did! Thank you, for making our day better, Drew!