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Drinking Fountain in Spain That Serves Free Red Wine Is a Dream Come True

We grow up with stories of magical fountains. One such story has some basis in reality. The tale of Ponce De Leon is one of our favorites. He was an explorer hired to claim Florida for Spain. The area he visited was home to "The Fountain of Youth." Legend says whoever drinks from the fountain will have eternal youth. Hmm, you have our attention.

A recent viral video by TikTok user @kimberlyerind has over 1.6M views and counting. She takes us along to a unique fountain in Spain that has the community buzzing. This is a sign that it's time to book a trip to Spain.

We don’t know about you, but free Monastery red wine sounds terrific! We all knew monasteries for good work, but this goes above and beyond. Let’s see what TikTok viewers have to say. User @Solmaz - Travel & Food Blogger joked, “I would be permanently stationed beside it.” @user8797012074456 said, “I’d probably be banned for drinking it dry.” @Kelly Lee Lamb added, “On my Camino, I stopped there at 8 am and already a line.” wrote, “Not me thinking that it was Harry Potter themed. LOL”

We can see how you might make that assumption, @lilah_ganggang, but we assure you there’s no Harry Potter connection. But if you’re in the mood for a pilgrimage through the Spanish countryside, plan your own Camino De Santiago. Be sure to take some water and wine with you.

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