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Mom's Secret for Making Perfect Burgers in Minutes Is a Major Game-Changer

There's really nothing better than a good, juicy hamburger. Of course, there are some days when the weather doesn't cooperate, so you can't fire up the grill. But if you want to indulge your burger craving on a rainy day, you're in luck. TikTok creator @lorafied just shared a burger-making hack that's a total game-changer.

The video she posted has over 800,000 views, and it's easy to see why people are eating it up. (No pun intended.) The clip features her easy recipe for baked burgers that can be made in one pan and popped into the oven. Um, this might be one of the best dinner secrets we've ever seen.

Are you salivating yet? This video is enough to make anyone's stomach rumble. Um, why didn't we ever think of putting burgers in the oven like that? People are loving this simple recipe and let the creator know in the comments that they can't wait to try them out. 

However, there was one question that kept popping up. "Where does the grease from the burgers go? The creator has an easy trick for that too. She explains, "I use a slotted spatula to pick up the onions underneath and all the grease drains off 🤗." Easy enough, right? 

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Other commenters weren't as focused on the burgers as they were on her getting the kids involved in the kitchen. One TikTok user said, "Love kids in the kitchen, having fun and laughing... They always know when it's almost ready. The rock, paper, scissors was awesome 😂." Mom responded with, "Thank you, the race to pick the first on anything I make is a nightly game around here 😂." Ha! Anyone with kids can relate.

Oh, and there aren't just cool recipes on this account. She also shares home and lifestyle hacks as well. But back to the burgers. Time to put ground beef and onions on the list for the next grocery store run. We need to make these, stat.

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