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Dad's Quick Recipe for 'Breakfast Tacos' Is a Guaranteed Morning Hit

This smart and easy breakfast taco recipe is going to change your mornings for the better. If you love the portability of a good taco, keep reading. If you prefer a breakfast of pancakes and sausage, also keep reading, as this recipe is for you, too! 

TikTok content creator @cookinginthemidwest shows us how it's done! He whips up these morning tacos for his kids on the regular, and it's easy to see why. This innovative taco recipe will make you the breakfast hero all week long!

Yep, we are all over this idea! These must taste downright delicious, and they're so darn cute, your kids will flip for them. The best part about this recipe might just be that you can make it all ahead of time and save yourself the morning hassle.

The shell of the taco is a super easy, pre-made, frozen pancake from Walmart. How cool is that idea? He shares with us that they pre-make all the sausage and eggs on the weekend. This way, you have a quick and easy filling without the mess all week long. Pure genius! If that wasn’t enough, these sausage and egg tacos are topped off with a little maple syrup. Wow!

If sausage isn’t your thing, we're sure bacon will work, too. If you want to throw in some veggies, we don’t think the kids won’t even notice. Viewers were dazzled by this breakfast sensation and @ __huddyy__ gives us an idea to spice it up, “Mix syrup and Sriracha to top it!” That sure sounds yummy!

However you decide to make these tacos, we know they'll be terrific! We really can’t wait for breakfast the rest of the week!