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Baking Hack for Making Store-Bought Frosting Taste Homemade Couldn't Be Easier

Who doesn’t love cake frosting? The ooey-gooey richness hypnotizes people of all ages. Eating frosting out of the container is a guilty pleasure many have experienced. Even I used to sneak a spoon into an open container when my mom wasn’t around. But did you know there’s a trick to making store-bought frosting taste better? No, we’re not going to make frosting from scratch. However, this trick requires an essential step.

TikTok user @abu_alhool posted a recent video showing us all how to improve the taste and appearance of store-bought frosting. Get ready for a neat tip. We've been using store-bought frosting wrong this entire time.

Wow, we’re shook. I’m sure most of us never thought to mix a store-bought container of frosting. It looks fantastic, though. What are TikTokers saying about it? User @AshleyAsh said, “Okay. Thank you. LOL. Guilty.” User @Emma she wrote joked, “My life is a lie.” @Harley Wyman166 remarked, “I love it!! Love to learn, thanks a million.” Talk about a thoughtful comment. Unfortunately, not all the viewers were appreciative of this trick. @user353161 said, “I’m not washing a bowl, beaters, or a spatula. That’s why I bought canned frosting. Give me a plastic knife.” @ Kendal Boucher remarked, “Cause we all just have one of these mixers in the kitchen.”

We understand that store-bought frosting is supposed to lessen the prep time of baking a cake. It doesn’t hurt to learn a trick for making the cake taste better. If it’s not for you, that’s okay. But we might be trying it.

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