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Mom's Simple Yet Genius Ice Cream Hack Is Blowing People's Minds

Some of the best hacks come from moms. That’s because moms have to do it all. They cook, clean, give birth, run businesses, work, and more. If it weren’t for mothers we wouldn’t exist, right? So, you might ask, what’s this got to do with an ice cream hack? As it turns out, one mom came up with a new genius ice cream trick to make the treat even better. It's so good, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

TikTok user @athomewithshannon is the woman behind the fantastic idea. But we’re not surprised. This content creator is known for her hacks. However, her latest trick is seriously impressive. Considering most of us love ice cream, this should be an ice cream saver for many people. How on earth did we not know about this?

OMG, that’s such a simple yet genius idea. We can’t believe no one else has thought of it. TikTok viewers are raving about this ice cream hack. User @ Summer Squad!! Said, “Genius!” @serenitytedder72 wrote, “Such a great hack.” User @Marguerite Smeda exclaimed, “What??? I have never heard of that!” @Dan and Riya fan asked, “What makes you inspired to make these amazing hacks? You should make a book for this.”

We agree with @Dan and Riya fan that @athomewithshannon should write a book because her tips are so valuable. While this hack won’t save the world, it reduces the thawing time of your ice cream. Therefore, we get more indulging and less waiting. Excellent.

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