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Italian Husband's Reaction to Trying Pizza From 'Eataly' Is Unexpected

When you’re born and raised in a country that not only invented pizza but set the bar high, you will want nothing but the best. Sometimes you’ll encounter mediocre pizza. But other times, lightning strikes, and it’ll be a divine slice.

TikTok content creators @thepasinis shared a memorable moment of the Italian husband trying New York City’s Italian Pizza. His reaction was surprising. We expected him to be a tougher critic.

If you’re familiar with The Pasinis TikTok channel, you know the husband is critical of Italian food made here in the states. We completely understand. You expect food with your country's name will to live up to the standards of an authentic meal. But you don’t always get that, especially when it comes to pizza. However, we were pleasantly surprised by the husband’s positive reaction. He truly looked like he wanted to cry.

Let’s see how the TikTok community responded to this tender moment. User @Dob Darker said, “Eataly is amazing! Need to go back there sometime.” @JoJo wrote, “Lol He folded the pizza and everything! I am so proud of him!” @Professor Barium replied, “Pizza so good it brings tears? Location, please!” @Julie exclaimed, “I love the Eataly in Chicago. It’s sooooo good!” @fcking_username remarked, “I just know you made the chef’s day.” @Winston.Water.Beagle said, “Although, that seems like Italian pizza in New York. I’m waiting to see his reaction to New York pizza that isn’t Italian-style.”

We hope that his experience of trying New York-style pizza ends with the same positive results. If you enjoyed the video and want to see more content, visit @thepasinis’ TikTok channel. You never know what shenanigans you’ll find. For more Delishably updates, be sure to follow us on Google News!