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Woman's Elaborate Egg Breakfast Wrap Has Us in Disbelief

Those of us who are breakfast lovers know the power of an elaborate and delicious breakfast. Simplicity is not enough for those of us who like to take the time to concoct a high quality meal to set the tone for the day. This one woman, who cooks elaborate egg wraps for her and her husband's breakfast, is one of these people.

In the video posted on TikTok, @healthyishdani puts together a scrumptious egg breakfast wrap containing salsa, tomato, cheese, avocado, and more! At first glance, the process might seem a bit over the top, but upon further consideration, it's relatively simple and produces a great meal to start the day. Check out the video below for the secret behind this wrap!

Wow, our mouths are watering! It's so interesting how this content creator starts with the tomato slices in the pan first, and her hack to mix the salsa with the whipped eggs is genius!

Many people in the comments are very excited to try this recipe, and we can't blame them! @user2573173505972 said, "I saw your video yesterday and it looked so good I had to try it. Did it today for me and my husband. Thank you!" and @annnagracetucker joked, "I would make this for my husband but I don’t have one, so I will be making this for myself tomorrow!" Husband or not, whoever is eating it will love it!

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Others are just as shocked and thrilled about this new salsa-mixed-with-egg hack as we are! @rebeccamckinnon2 commented, "Am I the only one shook by mixing salsa in the eggs?!" and @32nelly32 said, "I've never seen it made with salsa mixed in the eggs. Definitely going to do that. And the tortilla. Game changer."

We hope the creator's husband knows how lucky he is to have such delicious breakfasts made for him!

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