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Woman's Incredible Egg Hack Is Perfect for Any Meal of the Day

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Are you an egg person? Great, we are too! Eggs are awesome. You can scramble, fry, or devil them. Plus, many people use them as props for the Easter holiday by dying them different colors. Eggs have become a staple in the states. We love making them part of our breakfast. They’re a great source of protein. Plus, they’re easy to cook. But did you know there’s a way to cook them for people on the go? Nope, we’re not referring to putting them on a sandwich.

In a TikTok video, content creator @theshabakitchen shares her recipe hack for eggs. Ooh, they turned out so well. We’re surprised we haven’t seen these before. We want to sink our teeth into this.

Those egg muffins speak for themselves. My goodness, they look tasty. You could eat those morning, noon, or evening. But are the TikTok viewers pleased with this hack? Let’s find out now. User @Dejah 🤍 disclosed, “Imma try this but whisk the eggs.” @Amelia Mullins said, “Oh my goodness, @nu.” @Tatiana N wrote, “Don’t listen to all the negativity. Thank you for your content.” @Spirit Alchemist said, “@ranttly, This looks good.” @Sthabile Sthah Manqe disclosed, “I’m definitely trying these too. LOL!” @-_- said, “I don’t know why my mouth is watering while I’m allergic to eggs.” 

We’re sorry to hear about your food allergy @-_-. Perhaps you could try them with an egg substitute? If you enjoyed this video, please visit @theshabakitchen’s TikTok channel for more exciting food content. You never know what you might find.